Izmir University of Economics Benefiting from Support Programs Services Unit provides service in line with its goal of disseminating information on national and international funding sources, including TUBITAK, which aims to promote, direct and popularize science and technology in Turkey and support a large number of academics, entrepreneurs, researchers, industrialists and students. The Unit aims to develop the project culture and create a professional project development and management perspective with the services provided to the target audience of academics, students, industrialists and entrepreneurs. In this context, support is provided in accessing funding sources, creating project partner finding platforms and opportunities, financial and administrative management of projects, project execution and reporting.

IUE – TTO | Access to Support and Funding Resources

Information on TUBITAK ARDEB, BIDEB, TEYDEB, International Bilateral Collaborations, H2020 Calls, Continuous Open Calls and Other Calls (such as KOSGEB, Izmir Development Agency (IZKA) and other Development Agencies, etc.) is provided and academics, students, industrialists and entrepreneurs are informed about open grants and supports in a timely manner.

IUE – TTO | Research Projects Development and Management Support

Izmir University of Economics Technology Transfer Office is responsible for supporting the project development processes of academics and researchers. Support is provided for research projects within the scope of project development and application process. If requested, support is provided for the complete preparation of the application before the application date, in accordance with the program expectations of the project during the application process. The administrative information of Izmir University of Economics, which is required for project applications, is provided to the project coordinator. Support is provided in the creation of roadmaps for researchers to apply to grant programs, preparation of project proposals and applications to be submitted to national and international grant programs, and information sharing platforms are created when necessary, to ensure the flow of up-to-date information between funding institutions and academics.

In addition, the institutional contribution obtained from the TUBITAK projects carried out at the University is paid at the rate of maximum 50% of the project budget, excluding the project incentive bonus within the period covered by the report, as the progress reports of the project are accepted. Institutional share is spent within the framework of these Principles and Procedures to be used in R&D activities upon the request of the authority of the institution where the project is actually carried out. Regarding the request for the expenditure of the institutional share, the approval of the Rector’s Office, which is the “Institutional Authority” at TUBITAK, must be obtained through DYS.

The forms used in the procurement process within the scope of the projects are attached.