Izmir University of Economics University-Industry Cooperation Unit is the unit that acts as a bridge in the transfer of the academic knowledge of the University to the industry in the business development, R&D and commercialization activities of industrial companies. It directs the needs from the industry to the academic who is an expert on the subject at the university by creating an industry need analysis and carries out all the processes by providing consultancy services to the company.

Industrial companies, regardless of the sector, that want to develop new products, increase the existing product capacity, make cost reduction studies in existing production, develop and produce a product, produced abroad and imported to Turkey, with their own resources, can benefit from Izmir University of Economics Technology Transfer Office University-Industry Cooperation Unit.

IUE – TTO | Tax Exemption Form

In the new university-industry cooperation projects to be carried out within the body of Izmir University of Economics University-Industry Cooperation Unit, if the academic consultant thinks that the project includes R&D, a tax exemption form should be filled. The Tax Exemption Form, in which the summary of the project and the R&D nature are explained in plain language, is submitted to the TTO after it is signed by the academic.
Whether the project is considered as R&D or not by the SRP commission of the University, is based on the Tax Exemption Form prepared by the academic and the project contract. The SRP commission decides whether the project has an R&D nature, not TTO. If the project is considered as R&D in the SRP commission, the project will be included in the agenda of the next Administrative Board meeting. If it is approved by the decision of the Administrative Board that the project has an R&D nature, the project, in accordance with Article 5 of the Law No. 6676 on the Amendment of the Law on Supporting Research and Development Activities and Some Laws and Decrees, which has been approved by the University Administrative Board that it is within the scope of the research and development project carried out within the scope of university-industry cooperation, is subject to the provision of “85 percent of the income to be paid to the academic staff shall be paid to the relevant staff without any tax deduction”.

IUE – TTO | Draft Contract

The draft contract prepared by the TTO is used in the university-industry cooperation projects that will begin within the scope of the University-Industry Cooperation Unit of Izmir University of Economics. The draft contract is the same in all university-industry cooperation projects carried out at TTO. Articles decided jointly by the academic and the firm can be added to the contract. In particular, each article added later by the firm should be notified to the academic and should be approved. After the firm and the academic fill in the relevant fields, they forward the contract to the TTO.
If TTO thinks that there are places that need to be changed after examining the contract, it notifies the firm and the academic. The final version of the contract is first signed and stamped by the firm. TTO completes the signature procedure within the University.